Why Choose Us


iBiky makes purchasing a new bike easy, fast, and affordable. We have made the shopping process as easy as possible so you can buy online from the comfort of your home while saving a significant amount of money. This is how people shop in this new era, thanks Amazon.


We have revised our business model to ensure that all efforts were made to provide the most efficient and carefree online buying experience for your new bike.


We sell directly to our customers online to ensure that there are no additional, unnecessary expenses so we can provide you with the best quality possible at the best price possible.


All of our purchases include free shipping! We have streamlined all efforts to ensure that our packaging was designed to provide the most protection to your bike. We want to ensure that it arrives on time and in great shape to your door. All bikes come 80% assembled. Tools are included in each package.


And to top it off, our customer support team provides the best customer service and assistance. We spare no effort to make sure that every request receives a quick and complete resolution. We understand the importance of your bike investment so we make sure that your shopping experience is as stress free as possible, even after your first bike ride. We offer a full 30-day refund with every bike purchase to ensure you will have the best experience with our bikes.


Wait there's more, we even offer a full year warranty on parts to ensure you receive the best experience with your purchase. So go ahead, make your purchase today and place an order. If you have any questions, give us a call or email us at


Cruise in style with iBiky. Let's Ride!

  • Abraham Ruffei